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Tarpaulin provides backing to the hundreds of industries for protecting their outdoor goods & assets from rain, snow, dust, etc and therefore the coating and lamination of the tarpaulins has become paramount for the tarpaulin manufacturers in order to augment the strength of the respective tarpaulin, and to make this tarpaulin coating or lamination job an effective and cost efficient venture, G.D. Industries introduces a cutting edge range of the extrusion lamination plant, which is designed to apply thin coating of the plastic on the respective material through extrusion technology that augments a functional performance of the end product under the harshest conditions, which is also illustrious as a tarpaulin lamination plant in the tarpaulin making industries.


The high production speed and versatility are the principal attraction of our series of the tarpaulin lamination plant, whereas excellent process control and automation are the reasonable factors for a uniform and flawless lamination of the tarpaulins, is what’s making our inventory most trusted for accomplishing tarpaulin lamination/coating. Increased strength, tear resistance, scuff resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, grease resistance, abrasion resistance and barrier against various gases are the notable benefits that one can reap by availing our extrusion lamination machine, which is also suitable for conveying lamination/coating on raffia, woven bag, HDPE woven bag, BOPP woven bag, FIBC bag, PP woven Fabric, HDPE woven Fabric, etc.

Our Three Core Values

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We have the widest gamut of the extrusion lamination plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant, available in the extensive sizes and material since the day of instigation. Our allegiance has always remained to offer the topmost quality extrusion lamination plant and the unmatched quality services. We always go extra miles to bring forth excellence in every single product and deliver a matchless tarpaulin lamination experience spanning the life expectancy.

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The quality of the machine decides the quality of lamination and therefore we are quality conscious when it comes to quality of the extrusion lamination machine and for that we have totally dedicated to our quality management program that has helped us in gaining the trust of our clients in the local as well as international market. Besides that, we also have set up a planned quality control policy in order to confirm that our distribution process is executed with the highest discipline and professionalism.

Extrusion Coating Lamination Plant


We are associated with the bigwig entities to procure the raw material and different parts of the extrusion lamination plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant, which has endorsed us to obtain the studier and trustworthy gamut of the lamination machine that establishes new benchmarks in the market and add value to the brand integrity.

Types of Extrusion Lamination Plant

What Is Extrusion Lamination?

Extrusion lamination is a cutting edge approach to produce a large range of thin multilayer structure, wherein the molten web of extruded polymer (PP, HDPE, and BOPP) is applied as a thin coating onto a respective substrate. That means, rather than applying adhesive, here in the extrusion lamination, the molten polymer is applied as an adhesive layer between two substrates in order to make a laminated structure. The substrate can be anything from the tarpaulin, woven fabric, non woven fabric, aluminum foil, polyester film, polypropylene film, etc.

How Does Extrusion Lamination Machine Work?

The polymer granules are fed into the nip between moving heated rollers, which is melted and formed into the thin layer with the help of “T” die. This layer is drawn down and applied onto the respective substrate (Tarpaulin, raffia, woven bag, HDPE woven bag, BOPP woven bag, FIBC bag, PP woven Fabric, HDPE woven Fabric), in a nip roll assembly created by a water cooled chill roll and a rubber covered pressure roll. The substrate to be laminated is fed constantly from an unwind roller and is taken up by means of the rewind roller.

What Is Lamination?

Lamination is a way of coating a respective substrate by a thin hot layer of the polymer (PP, HDPE, LDPE, BOPP) material in order to reinforce its properties and increase the performance ability and longevity of the thereof.

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Why Our Extrusion Lamination Plant/ Tarpaulin Lamination Plant?


The precision engineering of our extrusion lamination plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant entitles to accomplish a higher number of coating per hours, which ultimately increase the productivity at your end, results in increased profit.


The cost at which we provide extrusion lamination plant is promising to be the lowest, is an outcome of our veteran team and availability of the cutting edge technology enabling us to bring forth high quality yet low cost collection that no other can deliver at the price we can.


The offered extrusion lamination plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant is manufactured following industry set standards and also tested thereafter in order to ensure its quality conformity ahead of consignment, is a reason for the impeccable quality of our comprehensive range of thereof.


The introduced extrusion lamination plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant is compatible to carry out lamination on any type of substrate, be it tarpaulin, raffia, woven bag, HDPE woven bag, BOPP woven bag, FIBC bag, PP woven Fabric, HDPE wove


The use of the PLC control system and impeccable integration of the every part with thereof entitles fully automatic operation of this extrusion lamination plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant that apparently reduces manned requirement and the production time, entitling to laminate significant number of substrates in a short span of time.

Effective Lamination

The elongated experience in the lamination machine manufacturing, in-depth knowledge of the latest technology and dedication for the excellence, makes our extrusion lamination plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant an effective way to obtain best in class quality of the lamination that last for a lifetime.


Our extrusion lamination plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant is made from a topmost quality material that imparts notable sturdiness to the respective plant and thusly longer life expectancy to the respective plant, making it the most trusted among the consumers.

Easy Operation

The simple design of this extrusion lamination machine/tarpaulin lamination machine makes the operation easy for the end user that ultimately increases the processing speed and increases the process speed of the laminating substrate.

Best Price Extrusion Lamination Machine/ Tarpaulin Lamination Plant

We never compromise with the quality of the extrusion lamination machine in order to reduce the cost of the respective product, rather we go extra miles to make the entire manufacturing process efficient and impeccable that reduces the wastage of the material, reduces power consumption and thusly total cost of the end product and is the secrecy of the low cost and high quality of the offered extrusion lamination plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant, which one can experience by requesting a best price quotation for the respective need.

Details Of Our Tarpaulin Lamination Plant / Extrusion Lamination Plant / Extrusion Coating Plant

The Extruder

The extruder is a principal component of the extrusion coating plant/ extrusion lamination machine whose objective is to convey uniformly heated polymer melt to the die, at a moderate temperature. The precision engineering of this extruder machine does not cause pinholes, voids, lace curtains, streaks, die lines, gels and oxidized particles, unlikely to other coating machinery and therefore has influenced the considerable number of the tarpaulin manufacturer and converting industries toward thereof.

Edge Trimming

While molten web is applied to the substrate, the two diverse effects alter the borders of the web, which is reckoned as the edge weave, whilst the other effect is caused by the thickening of the border of the web to form and edge bead and the solution to this is border trimming or can say edge trimming (polyethylene / substrate) and therefore the sharp edge knives are included in this extrusion lamination plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant, in order to remove the edge bead or edge weave.

The Die

The offered extrusion lamination machine/ tarpaulin lamination plant is incorporated with the T- slot manifold; whose purpose in an extrusion coating slit die is to release the melt polymer at the constant speed across the full width. The integrated die is tested and shares highest standards, wherein the speed of the melt, leaving can be controlled by preventing the flow in the short flow paths or controlling the temperature.

Reeling and Wind-up Equipment

The reeling and wind up equipment are used for the high speed handling of the substrates, wherein static eliminators are included in order to dissolve any build up of electrical charge. Further, in order to proffer continuous coating of the respective substrate, flying splice unwind and rewind units are introduced that permits the auto reel changes without interrupting the production speed of the extrusion coating plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant.

Nip Assembly and Chill Roll

The nip assembly included in the extrusion lamination plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant is a coupling of the chill roll and rubber covered pressure roll, wherein the chill roll is basically chromium plated and polished roller whereas the rubber roll is the silicon coated role sharing excellent resistance to heat-ageing and work-hardening, used to apply adequate pressure to the respective substrate. The double shell configuration of this assembly and use of the water as a cooling medium ensures the effective and uniform cooling that is essential for the impeccable lamination of the respective substrate. The roll width has kept wide enough that promotes in reducing the temperature of the laminate during a short span of contact.

It is recommended to keep the temperature of the chill roll around 15 to 30 °C in order to get the utmost quality of lamination and prevent the web breakage. The roll is triggered through the air cylinders in order to apply a uniform pressure against a chill roll and obtain uniform coated substrates.

Our Highly Acknowledged Product Range Embraces

Customization Is Our Forte-You Can Ask For

We proffer a wide reaching range of the extrusion lamination plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant in the market, however, there are possibilities that our range does not fit with end user requirement and that create a need of the custom made extrusion lamination machine and to meet their needs. Our experience and profound know-how acknowledge us to engineer best in class customized range of the extrusion lamination machine that holds all the specifications that one specified during the requirement and is what makes our range customized range supreme one, available at the best prices in India and other countries.

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Tips To Consider While Using Extrusion Lamination Plant

What are the factors affecting adhesion while using extrusion lamination plant/ Tarpaulin lamination plant?

While using the extrusion lamination plant / tarpaulin lamination plant, there are many factors that can affect adhesion and therefore considerable attention is paramount.

Ratio of coating speed and coating weight

In this extrusion lamination plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant the coating speed and coating weigh ratio decides the quality of the end product. The low coating speed and high weight help adhesion as more time is available for oxidation to occur.

Nip Roll Pressure

The lower nip roll pressure results in poor adhesion, on the other side, on the other hand, higher nip roll pressure helps distribute pressure evenly. However, pressure beyond certain level has no extra advantages.

Polymer Flow Properties

The offered extrusion lamination plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant uses polymer material to accomplish coating and therefore selecting the polymer material wisely can reinforce the coating. For an instance, polymer with higher MFI ( Melt flow index) and lower viscosity adheres better to porous substrates than low MFI polymer.

The type of substrate

The porous substrate shares good mechanical bond between the polyethylene and substrate, as the polymer flows into the pores of the substrate, thereby this boding of the two surfaces is hard to separate. On the other side, the nonporous surface of the substrates such as metal has plastic films have no pores and therefore they have a nature to avert adhesion.

Chill roll temperature

Chill roll temperature is required to maintain at a certain level as the too low level of this chill roll in the extrusion coating plant/ tarpaulin lamination plant can damage adhesion, if encounter, rapid increase in the chill roll temperature can endorse in overcoming quick cooling.

The Air Gap

The distance between the die lips and the nip to chill roll contact point decides the coating performance and therefore is a pivotal during the lamination process. The large air gap has a tendency to cause early cooling of the melt, consequences poor adhesion to the substrate, on the other side small air gap depreciates the strength of the adhesion, results in a poor quality coating.

Melt Temperature

Adhesion improves as the temperature increase, however the controlling of the melt temperature is paramount as too high temperature can deteriorate the quality of the web. If a temperature goes beyond a certain level, rapid degradation of the polyethylene is determined, especially when the process is stopped for a notable period of time, consequences blemishes in the coating. On the other side, low melt temperature may impart polyethylene coating excellent frictional aspects and permit heat sealing at higher speeds. The ideal temperature for our extrusion lamination plant/tarpaulin lamination plant for excellent coating is 265 and 330°C but 300 to 320°C.

Application Of Our Extrusion Lamination Plant/ Tarpaulin Lamination Plant

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