Introducing innovation to resolve variegated requirements associated lamination is our passion and with carrying same, we are here with the tandem lamination plant, a plant whose objective is to execute double side lamination at once and reduce the lamination time at certain extent, is also perceived as both side lamination plants / double side lamination plant in the market. The energy efficient operations and lower cost of lamination are the substances for thriving success of this tandem lamination plant all across.

This tandem lamination plant is manufactured by a talented team of the engineers under the rigorous quality control in order to make it completely impeccable. The machine is also tested ahead of the shipment in order to ensure its impeccability, safety and reliability quotients. On finding no defect, we forward our machinery for the shipping and that’s what makes us more reliable tandem lamination machine manufacturer in India. We provide our tandem lamination machine in India as well as other nook of the world within the shortest possible time.


The machine is designed to carry lamination using the extrusion lamination technology, wherein the highest quality polymers (PP, LDPE) are used as an adhesive between primary and secondary substrate. As it is a double side lamination machine, the substrate is coated by this polymer web on the both sides without any defect. The procured lamination by means of this technology has become the first choice of the converting industries for its outstanding performance under the harshest weather conditions. The lamination achieved by this tandem extrusion lamination machine manufacturer helps prevent all types of gases, water, dust, UV rays from penetrating and hence protecting the goods covered with the laminated substrate.

Our Tandem Lamination Plant Details

SCREW DIA MM 70 80 80 105
DIE WIDTH MM 1000 1700 1700 4000
MAX COATING WIDTH MM 850 1550 1550 3700
OUT PUT KG/HR 260-280 320-360 320-380 600-700
MAX LINE SPEED MPM 110 110 110 90
COATING THICKNESS MICRON 20-100 20-100 20-100 20-100

This tandem extrusion lamination plant comes with all substantial parts, including feeder, extruder, t die section, unwinder, rewinder, chilling roller, pressure roller, heat roller, etc, which is procured adhering the international quality standards. All these parts are controlled automatically through PLC control unit and built to perform unfailingly for the larger jobs, making it an elite approach for the large scale industries too. This tandem lamination plant is extremely demanded for lamination both sides of the paper, non woven fabric, woven fabric, paper and aluminum foil.

Our Tandem Lamination Plant Advantages

  • Made from proven quality material to last lifetime
  • Delivers outstanding performance for long runs
  • Performs both side lamination at once
  • Magnifies productivity to the certain extent
  • Delivers supreme quality laminations
  • PLC control increases the performance ability
  • Delivers high quality laminates at lower cost
  • Meets international quality standards

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