The increase in the industrialization and transportation has boosted the usage of the tarpaulins in order to protect their valuable inventory from the sunlight, dust, rain, snow, and from the unlikely foreign particles and therefore the lamination of the tarpaulin have become an obligatory task for the industries manufacturing tarpaulins and to empower them, we are here with a tarpaulin lamination plant, manufactured to the highest quality standards in order to deliver the superior quality tarpaulins that can flourish under any conditions.


This tarpaulin lamination plant Manufacturer is configured to achieve lamination through extrusion technology and hence is a cost-effective venture, unlikely to other lamination alternatives and promises for the strongest bond that outlast for a considerably longer lifespan. The hopper, extrusion, die head, chilling roller, pressure roller, unwind roller, unwind roller are the primary parts of this tarpaulin lamination plant, which each is engineered with the highest attention towards industrial quality standards. The well-balanced engineering and brilliant designing of the entire unit ensure easy and impeccable operation of the respective tarpaulin lamination plant. There is no vibration and noise is encountered during the tarpaulin lamination process, even at the high speed that prevent the flaws caused by the vibration and delivers uniform lamination that outlast for the longer period of time.

The entire tarpaulin lamination operation is enacted automatically, thanks to the introduction of the PLC control system and its précised integration with each part of the tarpaulin lamination plant, delivering excellent control and thusly helps in carrying out ideal lamination on any width and length. Industries associated with tarpaulins have miscellaneous requirement of the specification and with respect to thereof, we come with an extensive range of the tarpaulin lamination plant as mentioned below.

Our Tarpaulin Lamination Plant Details


All above ranges of the tarpaulin lamination plant is quality tested and ensures to outperform for the long runs without failing. The material used in the construction is also of the highest quality that ultimately imparts considerable strength to outlast for the longer period of time. If your requirements do not fit with the above mentioned specifications, we as a tarpaulin lamination plant manufacturer are delighted to offer our custom made service for the same, which is available at the most competitive rates in local as well as international market.

Our Tarpaulin Lamination Plant Advantages

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