FIBC bags are used for bulk good supply and therefore high strength of thereof is paramount, which is possible by laminating the FIBC bags with the LDPE, PP material. The introduced FIBC bag lamination machine is ideally designed for laminating large sized FIBC bags. The lamination is accomplished by the extrusion technology in order to obtain unblemished lamination at the affordable rates and hence is also distinguished as an FIBC extrusion coating lamination plant in the market. The machine is fully automatic and thereby potent to achieve a large number of laminations in a timely manner.


The offered FIBC extrusion lamination plant is engineered in synchronization to the set industry standards that enhances the quality, safety and reliability quotient of our range. The polymer granules melted through pressure and heat and pushed towards the T die by extruder. This T die section spread the melted polymer in a uniform manner, which formerly applied as an adhesion to the substrate. The perfect control of the speed and temperature is decisive and that is easy with our FIBC Bag Lamination Machine. The lamination procured by our lamination machine attributes excellent adhesion bond and excellent load carrying capacity, is what essential for the FIBC bag.

All the parts including, feeder, extruder, T die section, chiller roller, heat roller, pressure roller, trimmer are the principal, which each is thoroughly tested and ascertained for the high quality and hence our gamut of the FIBC extrusion lamination plant delivers an impeccable lamination finish and durability that outlast across its lifespan.

Our FIBC Bag Lamination Machine Advantages

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