Our presence is widespread to the deistic as well as the global market as a wide width lamination plant manufacturer, supplier, and exporter and for what we take immense pride, designed to focus on the wide width lamination requirement of the industries associated with the non woven fabric, woven fabric, and large bag manufacturing segments. This wide width lamination plant helps obtain the top grade lamination on the wide width fabric at the cost effective rates automatically at cost effective rates, is what makes this wide width lamination plant a core part of their industry.


This wide width lamination plant performs lamination through the extrusion coating technology, wherein the polymer resin is melted through the extrusion and applied on the wide width substrate through T die section in the uniform manner, which thereafter appended with the second substrate to create a sandwich structure. The lamination is achieved through this technology has greater strength to excel under the inclined weather conditions as well as greater life expectancy and therefore the fabric laminated through this technology is becoming the best bet for the converting industry.

The excellent resistance against heat, UV rays, water, gases, and chemicals are the major benefits of the extrusion lamination that one can benefit by adopting this wide width extrusion lamination plant. Other than, high efficiency, low cost and exceptional quality lamination are the common reasons for colossal adoration of this wide width lamination plant, thanks to server quality checks followed by quality controlled manufacturing. No matter, what types of fabric you are willing to laminate by means of our wide width lamination plant, the utmost quality of our machine promise to deliver the exemplary outputs, even at higher speed.

Our Wide Width Lamination Plant Details

GDLAM42009042002040 – 5080275-3259020-100
GDLAM J 17008017001550170-1806020-100
GDLAM J 22008022002080170-1806020-100

Owing the vogue of this wide width extrusion lamination machine in the converting industry, we have endeavored to present in the assorted specifications as above. The parts that remains common in this wide width extrusion lamination machine includes, hopper, extrusion, T die section, unwind, rewind, chilling roller, heating roller, pressure roller and side trimmer, however the specifications can be altered as per the requirements. We are well versed to design this wide width lamination plant in any width as per need. This wide width extrusion lamination machine is making the strong position in the woven fabric lamination, non woven fabric lamination and FIBC laminations.

Our Wide Width Lamination Plant Advantages

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