Tarpaulin is a highly wanted fabric in the transportation, constructions, shelters, agriculture, sports for the protection from rain, dust, snow, UV rays and whatnot, and therefore it needs to be robust enough to withstand thereof and that only canĀ  be possible with the high quality lamination, is what our tarpaulin lamination machine promise of. The durability, consistency and reliability attributes of this tarpaulin lamination machine has endorsed us to gain notable fame as a world class quality tarpaulin lamination machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter nationally as well as internationally.

The presented tarpaulin lamination machine attains lamination through the extrusion lamination technology, wherein the two layers of the substrates are glued to each other by means of the melt polymer, which in turns deliver the toughest bond between two substrates that outlast for the longest life span. LDPE, PP, BOPP polymer is recommended to use as the adhesion polymer to get the superior bond. To get the flawless lamination, it is essential to have effective control of all parts liable for controlling of the pressure, temperature and speed, is what you can by means of our tarpaulin lamination machine, thanks to the brilliant designing and pinpoint accuracy during the construction, entitling effective control of the every part through a PLC control system.


This tarpaulin extrusion lamination machine comes with hopper, extrusion, dies head, chilling roller, pressure roller, unwind roller, upwind roller, which each plays a substantial role during the tarpaulin lamination. The material of construction is of the highest quality, whereas the quality controlled manufacturing ensures flawless construction of the tarpaulin lamination machine that meets all international quality standards and thusly makes it internationally accepted. By means of this tarpaulin lamination machine, one can get the highest quality lamination at the affordable rates, unlikely to other lamination processes and is the reason for its wide reaching prominence in the tarpaulin industries.

Our Tarpaulin Lamination Machine Details

GDLAME2200 80 2200 2080 170-180 115 20-100
GDLAM2200 80 2200 2080 240-250 115 20-100
GDLAME2700 80 2700 2550 170-180 90 20-100
GDLAM2700 80 2700 2550 240-250 90 20-100

We tarpaulin lamination machine manufacturer present our inventory in the assorted specification, as mentioned above with a motive to fulfill the requirements of every tarpaulin industry requirements. The complete range of the tarpaulin lamination machine is tested and ascertained to deliver noise free and vibration free experience all through its life expectancy, making it truly worthy investment for the end user, whereas a high speed and flawless lamination promotes elevate the production capability and ultimately profitability at the end of the fiscal year.

Our Tarpaulin Lamination Machine Advantages

  • The efficient performance elevates productivity
  • Pledges for stronger adhesion that outlast over years
  • PLC control system entitles easy controlling
  • The sturdy construction prevents vibration
  • Well balanced structure ensures noise free operations
  • Simple design ensures easy operation
  • To help achieve high quality lamination at low cost

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