The bountiful benefits of the HDPE material have inroad in the converting industries for the packing purpose, however, as the woven bag is prone to the gases and liquid and to prevent the lamination of the plastic film is virtuous. The offered HDPE woven bag lamination machine is an incredible way to apply a coating of plastic film on the HDPE woven bag. The machine is configured as per the international quality standards to carry totally impeccable coating of the LDPE, PP material through extrusion coating technology. This HDPE woven sack lamination machine serves the entire operation automatically, thanks to PLC control system, integrated for the automatic controlling of the entire lamination process.


Through this HDPE woven bag lamination machine, multiple layer of the plastic film is possible up to 5 layers and strengthens properties of the HDPE bag as per the application needs. The machine is designed with an utmost care by a crew of the professionals following the set industry standards and therefore the machine is competent to laminate the respective HDPE woven bag with the farthest precision and deliver unmatched results. The Feeder, extrusion, T die, unwinder, rewinder, chill roller, pressure roller are the principal component of this HDPE woven bag lamination machine that are of the highest quality and promise to run unfailingly even for the long runs and thereby is ideal for the large scale industries too.

The polymer resin (LDPE/PP) is heated and melted in the extruder and spread through die section on the HDPE woven bag. The secondary substrate is thereafter applied to the melted web and fixed through pressure roller, which in turns produce flawless and excellent bond that serves as the shield against different gases, liquids and UV rays. Other than, this lamination also improves the strength of the HDPE woven bag and hence improves its longevity is an extra perk that one can avail by investing in our HDPE woven lamination bag. This HDPE woven sack lamination machine is favored in the industries for making the HDPE woven bags for packaging of fertilizer, pesticides, dairy products, chemicals, seeds, salts, rice, salt, sugar, flours, grains, etc., available in the extensive assortment of specifications to match the needs of individual.

Our HDPE Woven Bag Lamination Plant Advantages

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