To leverage the bountiful properties of the raffia, including high tensile strength, durability, excellent resistance to heat, flame and corrosion, is extensively being combined with the polymers through the lamination process and owing thereof, we are here with the cutting edge range of the raffia extrusion lamination coating machine, a machine that joints two different layers by applying the coating of melted polymer, reckoned as extrusion coating.


The raffia laminated by this technology sum up with an excellent adhesion, strength, resistance against water, UV rays, and heat and thereby is distinguished in the converting industries. We as raffia extrusion lamination coating machine manufacturer have introduced this cutting edge range with a motive to combine two different substrates at a cost effective rate and impart considerable potential to withstand against the harshest weather conditions.

In order to ensure the interruption free operation of the proffered machine, the entire manufacturing is executed under the stringent vigilance of the quality team following proven practices, whereas each end product is tested against the chief parameters to ensure its compliance with the international quality standards.

The granule of good quality polymer (LDPE, PP, and BOPP) is used as the adhesion in this raffia extrusion lamination coating machine, which in turns melted through the heated rollers which thereafter spread over the primary substrate by means of “T” die. The secondary substrate is applied on this hot layer of the polymer and pressed through the pressure roller to develop strong bond between thereof. This technology has proven to be the outstanding for lamination of the raffia, as the porous surface of the raffia entitles polymer to develop good bonds with the secondary substrate, essential for the outlasting lamination of the raffia.

Our Raffia Extrusion Lamination Coating Machine Details

DIE WIDTH MM10001700
OUT PUT KG/HR100-120140-160

This raffia extrusion lamination coating machine is ranging in diverse specification, which all are available in ready to ship condition. Each lamination machine comes with hopper, extruder, T die, unwind roller, uptake roller, chilling roller, pressure roller, side trimming, and certified for complying with all quality standards. This collection of the raffia lamination machine is also available in the bespoke specification, upon customer request. Both the types are assured to perform vibration free and noise free operations at the most competitive rates, which makes our raffia lamination cost effective, if obtained through our raffia extrusion lamination coating machine.

Our Raffia Extrusion Lamination Coating Machine Advantages

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