The affordability of the PP woven bag has influenced extensive industries to adopt, which can be intensified to the extremity by combining it with PP, LDPE film by means of our PP woven bag lamination plant. The reinforcement of the PP woven bag after lamination is prominent evidence that has swift the market of our PP woven sack lamination machine in the market in order to strengthen the PP woven bags and make it reliable for heavy load applications, making us distinguished as PP woven bag manufacturer, supplier and exporter all across.


This PP woven bag lamination machine is set to provide the utmost quality lamination of the LDPE/PP that is completely uniform, impeccable and long lasting. The extrusion technology is used to achieve the lamination through this PP woven sack lamination plant, wherein the melted polymer is applied on the non woven bag through T die section, which thereafter chilled and pressed by chilled roller and pressure roller sequentially in order to develop a stronger bond. The bond developed with this technology has proven capabilities by delivering matchless performance against gases, liquid and UV rays and therefore are highly acclaimed among the industries associated with the PP woven bag.

With an objective to make the entire lamination process automatic, PLC control system is equipped with this PP woven sack lamination machine that promotes efficient controlling of the machine parts and elevates the productivity of the end user. This PP woven bag lamination plant is extremely being used to laminate PP woven bags used for packing salt, chemical, fertilizer, fruits, vegetables, cement and other products that requires protection from the foreign matters.

Our PP Woven Bag Lamination Plant Advantages

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