We are illustrious in the market for taking the lamination at a new level through a single side lamination machine, is inventively designed by the qualified designers to accomplish single side lamination with an ease. In this single side lamination machine, the substrate is coated with the film on one side, whilst comprehensively coated on the other side. This perfection in lamination is guaranteed, no matter what substrate is there, which makes our single side lamination machine a virtuous approach for a single side lamination.


The lamination process is instigated by feeding the polymer resin (LDPE, PE, PP) through a hopper into continuously rotating extrusion where is heated, melted and pushed towards the T die section. The melted polymer is spread over the respective substrate in homogeneous manner and ensures same thickness of coating right through the substrate, which thereafter undergoes to the chilling roller in order to decrease the temperature of the web. The unwind and rewind rollers are used to handle the substrate at both ends, whereas the PLC control unit is equipped for automatic controlling of the entire operation.

This single side lamination machine is rigorously tested against all the parameters in order to ensure its conformity to set industry standards and thereby guaranteed to boast the highest quality standards. The operation executed by this machine is smooth and vibration free and therefore delivers absolutely uniform lamination on the respective substrate. No degradation is assured even at the high speed, whilst impeccable performance is assured for the long runs and hence is a sterling choice for the long run operations.

Our Single Side Lamination Machine Details

Automatic Laminating MachineMain screw:ø75 – 150 mm
Auxiliary screw:ø55 – 100 mm
Horse Power75 – 300 HP
Output100 – 450 kg
Line Speed100 – 300 m/mins
Laminating Width800 – 4,300 mm
Laminating Thickness8 – 40μ
Laminating Substrate12 – 500μ
Extrusion MaterialPE / PP / LDPE
Laminating SubstratePaperboard / Composite materials

This single side lamination machine has become a choice of the converting industries to accomplish supreme quality one side lamination at affordable rates, which we proffer in the widest range of the specifications to meet changing requirements of the each industry. We as single side lamination machine manufacturer are skilled enough to provide the machine as per your specifications at the best rates in the market. No matter, what size of the substrate you desire to laminate, we can deliver the best match lamination machine for your need. Our collection of the single side lamination machine is well acclaimed for a high speed and noise free performance in the local as well as global market.

Our Single Side Lamination Machine Advantages

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