Gone are the days when the sheets required to underpass two times from the machine to achieve both side lamination, get both side lamination machine today and double the productivity of your industry. We are humbled to introduce this both side lamination machine at the most competitive rates at a national and international level is thoroughly designed to laminate both sides of the respective substrate at once and slash the laminating time to almost half. The offered both side lamination machines are dominating the market through delivering the outstanding performance, even for the larger jobs.


This both side lamination machine manufacturer is also illustrious as the double side lamination machine, wherein the respective substrate is fully coated through the extrusion lamination technology. The melted polymer web is applied on both sides of the substrate, unlikely to the single side in order to obtain a fully coated substrate. The polymer resin used in this both side lamination machine is same as the single side, PP, PE, LDPE, and all the other parts of the machine including feeder, extrusion, T die section, chill roller, pressure roller, unwind roller, rewind roller, all remains the same, what differ is the configuration to make sure both side lamination can be accomplished at once.

The offered both side lamination machine serves all requirements of the double side lamination with the utmost precision and is a reason for the spotless lamination, thanks to the international quality compliant designing and manufacturing, making it a truly high grade affair for the both side lamination. Be it, paper, plastic, paper, aluminum, this both side lamination machine is potent to laminate the substrate with the same efficiency and same accuracy and therefore is recommended for any type of substrate. The robust and well balanced construction prevents the vibration at higher speed and hence delivers the perfect lamination at the high speed.

Our Both Side Lamination Machine Details

Extrusion Lamination MachineMain screw:ø75 – 150 mm
Auxiliary screw:ø55 – 100 mm
Horse Power75 – 300 HP
Output100 – 450 kg/hr
Line Speed100 – 300 m/min
Laminating Width800 – 4,300 mm
Laminating Thickness8 – 40 μ
Laminating Substrate12 – 200μ
ApplicationsDouble-sided paper cup, paper bowl drench membrane, ice cream cups of raw material for the film.
Extrusion MaterialPE / PP / PLA
Laminating SubstratePaper / Aluminum foil / PET / BOPP

We are enriched with the cutting edge technology and experience and therefore able to make this both side lamination machine available in the widest specification and even in the custom made specification. Other than, our passion to deliver the best match is a reason for our lead in the domestic as well as global market. No noise, no vibration and truly impeccable lamination are core advantages of our both side lamination machine that you can reap by availing our range today.

Our Both Side Lamination Machine Advantages

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