The use of woven bag is increasing day by day to accomplish different purposes, including storing and transporting different products such as fruits, vegetables, grains, chemicals, grains, fertilizers, and every loose product that requires being stored for easy handling. However, the woven bags are prone to the water, gases and UV rays and to make them sturdier against thereof, we proffer woven bag lamination machine that strengthens the diverse properties of the woven bag. This woven bag lamination machine is designed to apply a thin coating of the PP, LDPE material on the woven fabric and develop a resistive layer against water, gases and UV rays.


This woven bag lamination plant applies melted polymer web (LDPE, PP) on the bag by means of the T die section, which thereafter cooled and pressed in order to produce an effective bond. The lamination procured by means of this technology is proven to be live longer than that of glued or thermal lamination and therefore is becoming the first preference of the converting industries to laminate the woven bags. Further, this woven bag lamination plant is developed in synchronization to the outlined industry standards and hence lamination carried out by this machine is accurate and impeccable. The uniform lamination and properly sealed edges of the woven bag superiorly prevents the gages, water and UV rays, is what significant for the better quality of the woven bags.

All the parts of this woven bag lamination machine are quality tested and connected to the PLC control system to entitle automatic controlling and therefore the machine is easy to control as well as speed up the lamination process, available in the far reaching variety in India as well as other countries, which one can leverage by investing in today. This woven bag lamination plant is extremely accepted for coating cement bags, grain bags, chemical bags, and analogous one.

Our Woven Bag Lamination Plant Advantages

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